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Cameron & Company was created in 1998, by Laurinda Cameron, MSW, LCSW, to address the psycho-social issues facing individuals, families, couples and groups. Designed to provide psychotherapy and counseling delivery through a hands-on old fashion treatment methodology. Ms. Cameron brings to the design her experience in a multitude of behavioral health disciplines i.e. Child Welfare, Military Families, Medical, Employee Assistance, Adolescent Adjustment, Mental Health, and Clinical Supervision. She is well traveled and a Tea Master. Under her leadership, Cameron & Company has treated the following issues: Post Traumatic Stress, Depression, Phase of Life Adjustments, Traumatic Brain Disorder, Anxieties, Bipolar, Elder Care Management, Dementia, Military Family Adjustments etc.

More Good News!
Introducing Stress Stop IV in Wilmington, NC

Good News
Now accepting new clients in our Washington DC, 1629 K St, NW, Stress Stop III Office, and Virtually 
Welcoming New Clients of North Carolina.

To date, Cameron & Company has successfully provided treatment planning for hundreds of people struggling with difficulties in their lives bringing them back to emotional balance.

Now accepting the following : Tricare, Medicare, VA Medicaid, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Optima as well as sliding scale payments.

The Interior of The Stress Stop is fashioned after the Tea Houses of Asia offering a calming atmosphere in which our clients can begin the reduction of stress in their lives. Tea is always being served at The Stress Stop.

Over the next few months, stay tuned to the following demonstrations, classes and groups at The Stress Stop:

* Introduction to Yoga, Dance and Movement
* Massage Therapy Demonstrations and Individual Sessions by Appointment
* Laughter and Comedy Open Mik
* Story Telling and Poetry Open Mike
* Sip and Draw Workshop
* Creatively Reducing Stress Workshop
* Drumming Circles

*Therapeutic Support Groups
* Military Family Life Groups
* Brief Cognitive Therapy Groups
* Elder Care Workshops